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Vaccines and Testing

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Ages 6 months and up are eligible for a Pfizer COVID vaccine. Ages 6 months to 5 and 18 and up can get a Moderna vaccine. Ages 12 and up are eligible for a Pfizer bivalent booster and ages 18 and up are eligible for a Moderna bivalent booster. Make an appointment for a COVID vaccine at Monongalia County Health Department at this link.

As of May 12, 2021, the CDC has changed its previous guidelines to allow individuals to get other vaccines at the same time as the COVID-19 vaccine, so there is no longer a two-week waiting period before the first dose and after the second dose.

Quick-turnaround COVID testing has been added as part of Monongalia County Health Department Clinical Services' International Travel Clinic. In addition to getting testing with a fast result for those who need it for a trip, patients also can get vaccines that would be recommended depending on their destination as well as education and counseling pertinent to that locale. Vaccines usually need to be administered in advance and sometimes require more than one dose; the testing can be done just before departure. Call 304-598-5119 for an appointment.

Home COVID test kits can be picked up at the front entrance on the upper level at Monongalia County Health Department. Click here to see a video demonstrating how to use different home COVID test kits.

When you get your COVID-19 vaccine, you should download the V-safe app. This will allow you to respond to messages about your post-vaccination experience and get reminders about your second dose.

Free antigen at-home COVID tests can be picked up at the front desk (upper level) of Monongalia County Health Department.





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