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It's never too late to vaccinate

It's never too late to vaccinate

Jan. 27, 2023

By Katie Minor

With flu season approaching its peak, you more than likely have already dealt with some kind of sickness this winter. And believe us, we know there have been a lot of “bugs” going around Monongalia County.

Winter is prime time to catch a cold, and COVID cases are still pretty high. Not to mention the outbreak of RSV in adults recently.

And then… there’s the all-powerful flu.

It seems like flu season should be approaching its end and that you shouldn’t even bother with a flu vaccination in the middle of winter. But really, the opposite is true. Flu season usually peaks in February, with about as much flu activity as December and January combined.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to keep yourself healthy in the midst of all the sneezing, coughing and sniffling out there.

Wear a mask. Wearing a mask may seem like old news at this point, but it’s a great way to reduce the likelihood of spreading anything that could make people sick.

Stay home if you’re sick. Wearing a mask can only do so much. If you aren't feeling well, stay home until you’ve recovered!

Wash your hands. One of the strongest and simplest ways to prevent getting sick? Washing your hands! When you use the bathroom, before you eat, when you get home after being out in public — washing your hands only takes a minute and offers tons of protection against viruses.

Get vaccinated. Anyone can get vaccinated against COVID and the flu, which keep you as healthy as possible if you are exposed. Vaccines are safe, effective and widely available — including at Monongalia County Health Department.

The flu vaccine takes about two weeks to become effective, which means now is still a great time to get your shot and gear up against the flu.

Make an appointment for a vaccine by calling 304-598-5119. We also have pop-up clinics around the community where you can get your COVID and flu vaccines. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated about when we’ll be near you. It’s never too late to vaccinate!

Katie Minor is the public information office assistant at Monongalia County Health Department.





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