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Just in time for Mother's Day, snacks on the go

Just in time for Mother's Day, snacks on the go

May. 11, 2023

In May, we take time to celebrate mothers. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You are constantly putting your children before yourself. Here at WIC, we understand that and help with education, food benefits and referrals.

When you are so busy, it is important to remember to eat and take care of your physical health. It takes a lot of fuel to keep up with energetic kids.

While meal preparation can prepare you for days that you have little time to cook, easy snacks you can take on the go are also important. When you have errands to run, drop-offs to do, events to help with or if life is just getting busy, grabbing something on the go can help make life easier.

The first recipe this month can be prepared days ahead. The second recipe, vegetable spring rolls, are easy to make and can be prepped ahead of time. To make the spring rolls easier, you can cut your vegetable and/or fruit filling beforehand and store it in the fridge. You could also use leftover rice from past meals or cook your rice before assembling. Rice typically stays good in the fridge for up to six days.

Both of these recipes feature pops of color. Eating the rainbow — incorporating different colored foods into your diet — can ensure you are getting nutrients in your diet. Intense colors can even mean intense flavors. Bland, gray, brown or black foods tend to drain your energy and are high in calories and low in nutrients.

Be sure to eat and refuel your body properly. Also take time to appreciate all the colors you eat and try to incorporate some colors you don’t normally eat. Some colorful nutritious foods are raspberries, spinach, bell peppers, eggplant, squash, blueberries, mangos and strawberries.

Frozen PB&J Bites:
1 banana*
1/2 cup of low-fat Greek yogurt*
¼ cup of peanut butter*
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Six raspberries*
1. Mix together the yogurt, peanut butter and vanilla extract in a bowl.
2. Cut up the banana into larger slices. Dip them into the yogurt mix and place on parchment paper.
3. Put the raspberries in a separate bowl and mash them with the back of a spoon. Spoon some of the raspberries on top of each bite.
4. Freeze for at least an hour and enjoy on the go or at home.
Vegetable spring rolls:
Spring roll wraps
Red cabbage*
1 cup of whole grain rice*
1. Cook rice. While rice is cooking, cut veggies into strips. If you’re feeling adventurous, add some extra veggies or try some fruit in them. Mango, microgreens and spinach all add to the flavor.
2. Lay out your spring roll. Add rice in the middle in the shape of a rectangle.
3. Lay your veggies and/or fruits on top of the rice.
4. Lightly wet the sides around the fillings. Wrap up your spring roll.
5. Pair with a peanut butter sauce, soy sauce or ranch.

Items marked with an asterisk* are available through Monongalia County Health Department WIC. Please contact us at 304-598-5181 for more information.





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