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WIC Kitchen: Peach out with these tasty spring dishes

WIC Kitchen: Peach out with these tasty spring dishes

Mar. 13, 2024

By Mary Wade Burnside and Sarah Moore

It’s not even spring yet but the WIC Kitchen staff has already encountered nice ripe peaches in area stores.
And it turns out, this fruit pairs well with a variety of cheeses, vegetables and nuts, providing endless possibilities when it comes to including them in a dish or snack.
Another great thing about March’s WIC Kitchen recipes is that canned peaches can always be substituted in either dish.
We especially love the Peach Grilled Cheese Sandwich, which adds a fresh, sweet flavor to an old classic favorite.
Peaches are actually considered a superfood. They are known to offer protection from lung and oral cancers. They also have anti-inflammatory properties so they can help reduce acne and slow down the aging process.
They also are high in beta-carotene, which aids in protecting your skin from the sun. Peaches also have a high level of antioxidants and vitamin C, so they are great in aiding wound healing and keeping your immune system strong.
Our second recipe is a Fresh Peach Salad, in which the fruit is combined with corn for more sweetness and almonds and red onions for crunch and a little bit of heat.
Both of these recipes are easy to prepare and make great lunches, dinners or side dishes. As the weather warms up, we hope you will find more opportunities to peach out with this nutritional treat.

Peach Grilled Cheese Sandwich


• Eight slices whole wheat bread*
• One 15-oz can of peaches, drained*
• Eight slices cheddar cheese*
• 7 1/2 cups spinach*
• 4 teaspoons vegetable oil
1. Heat four teaspoons of vegetable oil in a large non-stick pan over medium heat.
2. Place four slices of whole wheat bread in the pan.
3. Layer in this order: One slice of cheese, a handful of spinach, four to six peach slices, another slice of cheese and a slice of bread on top of each original slice of bread.
4. After four-five minutes, flip each sandwich and cook for another four-five minutes.

Fresh Peach Salad

For the salad

• ¼ cup sliced almonds
• 6 to 8 cups mixed greens*
• 3 small (or 2 large) ripe peaches (or canned peaches if unavailable)*
• 1 handful red onion slices*
• ½ cup canned corn, drained*
• 2 ounces soft goat cheese, crumbled (or feta cheese; omit for vegan)
For the dressing
• 1 ½ tablespoons balsamic vinegar
• 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
• 1 tablespoon maple syrup
• ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
• Fresh ground black pepper
• ¼ cup olive oil
1. Toast the almonds: Place the nuts in a dry skillet (no oil) over medium heat. Heat, shaking the pan and stirring often with a wooden spoon, until the nuts are fragrant and golden brown, about four-five minutes. Remove immediately from the heat and transfer to a plate to stop the cooking.
2. Prep the fresh ingredients: Slice the peaches. Thinly slice the onion
3. Make the dressing: In a small bowl, whisk together the balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, olive oil, kosher salt and black pepper
4. Serve: To serve, top the greens with the peaches, almonds, red onion, goat cheese, and corn, then drizzle with the dressing. Serve and enjoy!





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