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Clinical Services

Adolescent Health

(304) 598-5119

There are plenty of resources for teens and young adults in Monongalia County and online. Here you will find information about clinics in West Virginia, resources on different health topics and contact hotlines.

Teen-friendly clinics in Monongalia County

These clinics provide confidential, free or low-cost birth control and reproductive health care, including wellness exams, STD testing, birth control and contraception education, in a judgment-free environment.

Monongalia County Health Department

453 Van Voorhis Road
Morgantown, WV 26505
(304) 598-5100

Clay-Battelle Community Health Center
5861 Mason Dixon Highway
Blacksville, WV 26521
(304) 432-8211

Milan Puskar Health Right
341 Spruce Street
Morgantown, WV 26507
(304) 292-8234

What to Expect

You will need to call for an appointment. We will ask for basic information necessary to provide treatment. All information will remain confidential. You do not need insurance.

Clinic information for ALL counties in West Virginia.

This clinic provides affordable birth control and reproductive health care in a judgment-free environment. Services are billed to your health insurance.

WVU Medicine Children’s Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic

6040 University Town Centre Drive
Morgantown, WV 26501
(855) 988-2273   (304) 598-4835
Visit WVU Children's Adolescent Services

Check out the tabs below to find information and services for these different health topics.


Information and Services

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Provides general information about reproductive health, teen pregnancy and contraceptives.

I Wanna Know
Provides information about safe sex practices, types of contraceptives and health care providers.

Monongalia County Health Department
Offers free reproductive health services, including birth control, supplies and emergency contraception. Physical exams and STD screenings are also available.

WVU Medicine
Provides routine OB/GYN care, care for gynecologic disorders and preventative health maintenance.

Sex, Etc.
Built by teens, this site has a state-by-state guide to teens' sexual education rights and videos/articles about sexual health.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Provides information about the reproductive processes, male/female cancers, infertility and Zika.


Information and services

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: STDs
Provides information about STDs, STD risk factors, and treatments.

I Wanna Know
Discusses what STDs are, how they can be spread, signs of an STD and how you can protect yourself.

Medline Plus
Provides information about STDs, including symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, prevention and risk factors.

Teen Source
Provides a list of STDs and ways to contract, spread and treat them. Also shows the worst-case scenario with each STD.


Information and services

Healthy Children
Provides information about effective birth control. Talks about what methods to use and how to use them. Also talks about what works and what doesn't.

Medline Plus
Provides general information about contraceptives, aka birth control. Also talks about other benefits and risks of birth control.

Office on Women's Health
Provides information about where to get emergency contraception, how to use it, when to use it and other details.

This is a tool to find birth control and emergency contraceptives in your area. Enter ZIP code for locations/delivery options.

Planned Parenthood
A quiz to determine which type of birth control may work best for you.


Information and services

Love is Respect
Information and resources to help prevent and get help for interpersonal violence.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Provides information about how to prevent sexual assault and what to do after sexual assault. Provides hotlines to talk to trained support specialists.

Office of Women's Health
Provides information about sexual assault, what steps to take after a sexual assault has occurred, and how to deal with sexual assault in the long-term.

Foundation for Rape Information and Services. Provides information for the nine rape crisis center locations in the state of West Virginia.


Pregnancy Information

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: Pregnancy
A general site to provide information about pregnancy including tips before, during and after pregnancy, ways to avoid pregnancy and facts about vaccines and disease prevention.

Office on Women's Health
Provides information on the different phases of pregnancy. This includes preconception health, stages of pregnancy, prenatal care, how to prepare for baby/labor/birth as well as recovery.

Planned Parenthood
This website provides information about pregnancy and other related topics, such as pre-pregnancy health, prenatal care, miscarriages, pregnancy options and disease prevention.

West Virginia Adoption Agencies

Adoption Services

Provides information about adoption agencies that serve Monongalia County. Also has financial, medical and nutritional assistance for pregnant women and birth mothers.

Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc.
Information about different types of adoption and what services are provided by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). Also talks about services for birth mothers who are unsure about adoption.

Children's Home Society of West Virginia
Site where pregnant women/birth mothers can find information about the adoption process in West Virginia. Gives location of adoption services office and provides information for counseling services in Monongalia County.

Planned Parenthood
Information about adoption in the U.S. Includes topics to consider while thinking about adoption, common feelings that pregnant women often have while considering adoption and information about the adoption process.

West Virginia Clinics

Women's Health Center of West Virginia
The Women's Health Center of West Virginia is a non-profit health center providing reproductive health services, gynecological care and transgender hormone therapy.


Information and services

Provides informational animated videos about puberty, sexual orientation, personal safety, gender identity and more.

Girls’ Health
Offers young girls information about general health like getting your period, puberty, contraceptives, healthy living and more.

Go Ask Alice
Provides information about sexual, emotional and general health. Take quizzes to learn about healthy behaviors.

Power to Decide
Has information about sex, relationships, abstinence and birth control. Take quizzes and play games to learn about making positive life decisions.

Young Men's Health
Information for teen boys about general and sexual health, medical conditions, fitness and nutrition as well as emotional health.

Young Women's Health
Information for teen girls about general and sexual health, nutrition and fitness, gynecology experiences and emotional health.

My Plate
Has information about healthy eating and portions. My Plate quizzes can test how well you know your food groups.

Planned Parenthood
Informational videos about safe sex, STD testing and consent. Take quizzes to learn how to handle different types of peer pressure.

Teens can talk to professionals for advice about their sexuality, relationships and emotional support.


Information and services

Healthy Children
Information for teens and parents about sexual orientation, coming out and who to talk to about these topics.

Stop Bullying
Discusses bullying in the LGBTQ+ community and how to prevent it from happening to yourself and others.

Trevor Project

A safe space for teens to find help with anything related to their social life, prevent crises and suicide to LGBTQ+ teens.

An open forum for LGBTQ+ teens looking for advice about gender, sexual orientation and coming out.

Women's Health Center of West Virginia
The Women's Health Center of West Virginia is a non-profit health center providing reproductive health services, gynecological care and transgender hormone therapy.

LGBT Youth Resources
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a variety of resources for LGBTQ adolescents.


Reproductive Health and Pregnancy

American Pregnancy Association Teen Pregnancy Hotline

​Women's Health Center (Charleston, WV)
1-800-642-8670 (toll free)

STD Hotline

1-800-HIV-0440 (448-0440)

CDC National STD Hotline
1-800-232-4636 (8 a.m.-8 p.m. M-F)
1-888-232-6348 [TTY]

WVDHHR: STD, HIV, Hepatitis
GLBT National Hotline
(888) 843-4564

Interpersonal Violence

National Domestic Violence Hotline (

RAINN Hotline
800-656-HOPE (4673)

WV Licensed Domestic Violence Program

Suicide Prevention

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Valley Healthcare System Suicide Hotline
(Serves Fairmont, Grafton, Kingwood and Morgantown)


LGBT National Youth Talkline

Trans Lifeline

Trevor Lifeline





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