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Recreational water facilities

In order to promote and protect the public's health and ensure that all public swimming areas are operated in a safe and sanitary manner, all public swimming facilities, known as recreational water facilities, are permitted and inspected by Monongalia County Health Department.

There are more than 100 recreational water facilities in Monongalia County. These include swimming pools, hot tubs and bathing beaches, located in hotels, apartments, recreation centers, public parks and so forth.

All recreational water facilities are inspected at least twice a year, including seasonal pools. In addition, all open facilities are visited every two weeks for a chemistry check to measure the chlorine level and pH of the pool.

Certified Pool Operator training

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training for your staff will fulfill the requirement for a Qualified Water Facility Operator as stated in the West Virginia Legislative Rule for Recreational Water Facilities 64CSR 16 9.1. CPO training will also give your staff the knowledge and skills to successfully operate your aquatic facility. Classes are held at the Monongalia County Health Department in Morgantown.

We offer the following training options:

CPO Training Schedule for 2024
These classes will be held at Monongalia County Health Department

July 10-11

Sept 4-5

Oct 9-10

Payment is due at time of registration, no late registrations are accepted. Class sizes are limited to allow for social distancing. Seats are filled on a first come/first serve paid basis.

Please call 304-598-5131 or email Richard McCord at for more information.

If you have any questions about your current certification or need a copy of your certificate, you must contact PHTA in Colorado directly at 719-540-9119 or


  • If you have not taken the CPO class before or your CPO certificate has expired - Fee
  • Two-day class Traditional two-day classroom training with a test at the end of the second day $350
  • Pool primer online training + One day of class (second day of the two-day class) + test $400


  • If you have a current CPO certificate that you want to renew: Fee
  • Two-day class Traditional two-day classroom training with a test at the end of the second day $350
  • One-day review One-day class (second day of the two-day class) + test $350
  • Exam Only Pool primer online training + test at the end of the two-day class: $300

Note: To qualify for one-day review or exam only, your CPO certificate must still be current on the day of the class.

  • Pool math workbooks are available at time of registration for an additional $20.
  • Pool math workbooks ordered after registration are $20 plus $8 shipping.
  • No registrations are accepted less than one week before the date of the class.

Why choose Monongalia County Health Department for CPO training?

  1. One of the lowest-cost CPO classes in West Virginia.
  2. Instructor is a registered sanitarian (inspector) with Monongalia County Health Department and has extensive knowledge of West Virginia pool regulations, as well as 15 years’ experience in recreational water facility inspections.

All students will receive a current copy of the Pool and Spa Operator Handbook. Students who register two weeks or more before a class will have their Pool and Spa Operator Handbook mailed to their home or business. In addition, primer and test only students will receive an access code to complete the pool primer online training. Online training must be done within six months of the date of the class you are attending.

A discount is available for West Virginia sanitarians. West Virginia sanitarians also receive 12 Registered Sanitarian hours for attending the class.

Recreational water facility permitting

All persons who wish to operate a recreational water facility must first apply to the West Virginia Office of Environmental Health Services Environmental Engineering Division.

Once your plans have been approved, you must submit an application to the Health Department.

Once you have submitted your application you must schedule an inspection with a sanitarian. They will inspect your recreational water facility to ensure that it is in compliance with all required regulations and that it can be operated in a safe and sanitary manner.

All recreational water facilities must follow the West Virginia Recreational Water Facility Regulations.

This regulation also references the following standards:

The West Virginia regulation and the APSP 7 2006 ANSI standard are available for download from this website (click links above.)  NSPI 1 and NSPI 2 are available for purchase through the APSP website or ANSI Website.

All recreational water facilities must have a qualified water facility operator on staff. A qualified water operator is an individual who has a current Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification, or has attended one of the other operator training courses approved by the state of West Virginia.

All operators are required to submit a weekly pool report to the health department.

Electronic pool report submission

Facilities that fill out the report form electronically can choose to submit it to the health department using the pool report submission form below. Facilities can still mail or fax report forms if desired.

Note: This is for weekly pool reports only.

For complaints about recreational water facilities please contact us.





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