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Environmental Health

Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio Inspections

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Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio Inspections

Environmental Health helps to protect the health of Monongalia County citizens by permitting and inspecting all body art studios. Body art studios are inspected every six months. Temporary body art studios are inspected when they set up for an event.

All tattooing, body piercing or microblading must be done at a permitted (permanent or temporary) body art studio.

All body piercers must have a current registration with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DRRH and must follow the West Virginia Tattoo Studio and/or Body Art Studio Regulations.

Body Art Studios

Temporary Body Art Studio

  • Temporary Body Art Studios are tattoo and/or body piercing studios that are set up in conjunction with a fair, festival or special event, such as a tattoo convention or another event. All temporary body art studios must fill out an application at least seven days before the event. After the application is approved, an inspection of the temporary body art studio by a sanitarian must be done before the studio can start tattooing or body piercing. Once the studio passes inspection, the temporary permit will be issued. Temporary permits are valid for the event for which they are issued and are not transferable to another location or person.
  • Temporary Body Art Studio Application





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