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Take a step back from a hectic schedule on Women's Health & Fitness Day

Take a step back from a hectic schedule on Women's Health & Fitness Day

Sep. 29, 2021

By Jhanvee Patel

Amid a hectic schedule, it is difficult to find time to focus on yourself. How are you doing mentally and physically?

The last Wednesday in September marks National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Women are encouraged to reflect on their well-being and place importance on regular physical activity and a healthy diet. 

With work, family, emotions and more, stress seems to keep accumulating. Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to feelings of isolation and anxiety, which further intensify stress.

So, on National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, step away from the current chaos of your life. Consider what you need to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ideas:

Maybe, you need to incorporate some more exercise into your daily routine. Go on a walk alone or with a friend. Try out a yoga or Zumba class. Daily exercise increases your endorphins, which is linked with positive emotions. You can also try to incorporate more physical activity through adding simple things like parking your car farther away from where you work. Here is a list: Integrate exercise into everyday life.

Maybe, you need to build your mental confidence. Start engaging in mindfulness. Remember what you are grateful for and focus on the positives in life. One way to do this is by journaling. Sometimes it is easier to explore and process what is on your mind by writing it down and processing. Here are some tips: Journaling for stress relief.

Perhaps, you are not prioritizing your diet. Evaluate your food intake and attend a nutrition seminar. Understand that spending time on nutrition is not a waste. A healthy diet keeps you energized throughout the day, making you more productive. Meal prepping is a good option for women who don’t have time to cook every day. Here is a link for recipes: Meal prep for nutritious meals.

If you haven’t, get vaccinated to relieve some stress from COVID. Make sure you are taking measures to protect yourself from the virus, including wearing a mask, washing your hands and carrying hand sanitizer. Monitoring your health is crucial to staying healthy. It is also critical to make sure you are up to date on all doctor’s appointments.

Monongalia County Health Department Clinical Services has resources available for women to receive free or low-cost birth control, breast and cervical cancer screening, pap smears, mammogram referrals, STD and hepatitis tests, vaccines and more. 

MCHD Dentistry is a full-service practice that accepts insurance, CHIPS, adult Medicaid and has a new patient special and sliding scale fees for those who qualify. Seeing a dentist twice a year for a checkup and cleaning is vital to maintain good oral and overall health.

MCHD WIC, operated in six counties, is a short-term intervention program to help families improve health behaviors. 

WIC offers nutrition counseling and education to participants who qualify who are pregnant or post-partum women and children up to their 5th birthday. Clients can work with a nutritionist and registered dietitian to assess the nutrition needs of themselves and their family members.

Additionally, through WIC, pregnant women, or women with infants can receive breastfeeding counseling and support. Post-partum support is available as well.

Browse through the WIC website and find more than 100 resources to assist you in topics ranging from how to be active while socially distancing to oral healthcare while pregnant.

Look at National Women’s Health and Fitness Day as an opportunity to assess your health needs. Read a book, do some art, watch a movie, work out, or have a spa day. Do whatever keeps you mentally and physically healthy. Stay well and stay safe.

Jhanvee Patel is a public information intern at Monongalia County Health Department.





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